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Archive for April 16, 2020


Get in close. I have been both ways – wide angle and telephoto. Nowadays, it’s simple to do both in camera at the same time. I don’t. There’s no reason not to do so. I shoot multiples. But, I also try for a good in the camera shot. It’s just practice and experimentation as you go. My secret is to always zoom in a little closer… after I compose the image. I found that my editing tended toward a little more cropping during post processing. So, I shortcutted the middle man. Yeah, pros and cons, but, I find that there is a bit less work and I am happy with my results. Along with each “good” image there are (others) mistakes and “almost” shots. Multiples, I still shoot multiples; it means less disappointment when one image is slightly out of focus. What should you do? Whatever. I do as I please and hope for the best. Ha! Which cat? Nutley or Ray? … or one each, both. Ha, again, dunno, no clue. 🙂