Word and Image



Shutterfly is in business. It took over from Kodak as a photo site. I uploaded a ton (of images) to the site a while ago. Now, they send me reminders of what I loaded once upon a time. It’s an effort to make me buy prints. It hasn’t worked. I’m immune to the advertising. But, I appreciate the offer and effort. Hey, I took some nice photos back about five years ago. Umm… to be honest I don’t remember uploading at this particular time. But, I remember that I had just met Colleen after a long hiatus – decades – we were last in elementary school together. The image(s)? There is great late afternoon light coming from the west and into the kitchen. We took advantage. The last is indirect light from the same direction – like a giant lightbox. I have to say that I/we live in a wonderful space.

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