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Drinnk Bleash


Here’s a riff on our dear (POTUS) leader’s suggestion that we drink disinfectant. Haven’t heard his recc? Been under a rock? Go back. How about detaining an illegal immigrant till he’s 18 and then tossing him in jail when he’s of age? It gives new meaning to “Icing” (ICE) someone.

Ok, ok. During this time of corona have you considered a bank heist? Perfect! Investigating cop, “What did the robber look like? Describe them.”

Oh yeah! “A couple wearing masks…..” And as you fled no one would even glance to see a couple in masks.

It brings to mind, “Why did train robbers in the old west wear masks?”… because the illustrations (crroks) on all those wanted posters didn’t have any masks.

The banks? They got it covered. You need an appointment to get in the building! You “D”O” realize all this is SARCASM? RIGHT?? (hmmmm, it (“right”) works  both ways.) And, for dessert: CYA – cover our (POTUS) ass! – let’s fire the (USA) health (secy) commish! Brilliant!

Department of Health??? He (another ass) put a dog breeder (another “another ass”)  in charge of the nation’s response. TRMS told me so. You can’t make this shit up. Look it up. Don’t bother. But, facts are not sarcasm. And, fact is fact. Can a dog breeder be SARCASTIC?

Can you not – I repeat – can you not, see the sarcasm on our smiling faces? “Look at me when I’m talkig to you!”

No, thanks

Lurking in antique stores, you come across a lot of weird stuff. People sell stuff like spittoons and bedpans. No! Skeevy! Every day I learn something new. Skeevy is a word. Onomatopoeia – words that imitate sounds – e.g. honk. Umm….no spittoon, no bedpan. Who collects, saves, and sells stuff like that?