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While we’re talking forgiveness…

1812 28 Lisa Bob MA Susan

Throwback. Here’s an interesting piece of history. Historical? It dates back a few decades. Lisa was drunk. Rare to say, but, she’s not driving either. MA – Maryanne – no longer speaks to me. She chose Lisa in the divorce. Bob, stopped talking with me. He perceived some insult when he got divorced (to Kathy, not me). Susan, I apologize. Last time we emailed, I insulted her Republican values and support for T(rump) – would that be asshole? – in this time of corona. I never remember the date of her birthday. Sorry. Both. I never remember your birthday and I never should question your beliefs. My bad. It’s been on my mind lately. And, when I did a search on my hard drive, this photo popped at the top of my search.


… and forgiveness. Willow doesn’t talk to me. Why?? He’s a cat! He communicates and I succumb when he sits by the sink endlessly and begs for wet food. Yes, he gets me to do his bidding every time. I had a bit of fun at his expense.

Colleen has since forgiven me. (He’s her favorite.) And, I think Willow forgave me too. Really! I’m here writing this post. 🙂