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Archive for May 8, 2020

Spin cycle

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Can you possibly make this bad news into some Pollyanna fairy tale to save your political ass Mr President? Meanwhile, what the f’ are you gonna do about it. Lying to me won’t make it go away. This is an immutable fact no matter if right or left wing media reports it. Tell me what you’re doing. And I can’t get a corona virus test, while you are tested once a day. That’s fair. You are important and wealthy. The rest of us all applaud your effort to help. How about PPE and tests for the rest of the country?  Vote early and vote often.

My point?

None. I’m just looking back. I have a nice archive. In my mind’s eye, we don’t really change, neither older or younger, neither heavier or lighter. At this moment in time, all is frozen. There are no worries. I wish. We’ve had corona – among us. The world has had great disruption. (I’m trying to avoid politics.) I was observed to have aplomb. “Something always happens (for the better).” It’s nice to be an optimist.