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Happy Mother’s Day

000002 10 Deanna Longwood

It’s the least worse pic I found on a gentle search of the hard drive this morning. Hey! And to all your moms too! I can only say that I was a terrible photographer at that time. I was unable to see the subject for the flowers. The background fades and what becomes important; was important; who knew? When my kids were little we made breakfast in bed for their mother. i swear Father’s Day is after so it’s payback if I didn’t do something. It never seems to work to tell your wife – she’s not your mother. And, I reminded my favorite son so he won’t look bad. His mom thinks he’s her best son. I want to keep it that way.


“Eyes are the window to the soul.” Cats don’t talk. They really don’t show much emotion. They interact with me. And, sometimes I will swear they emote. A good portrait will show expression. The viewer connects by looking into the subject’s eyes. It works with cats too. Nutley is so expressive, you just want to hug him. Uh huh.