Word and Image

Grown up in the room

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 6.22.26 PM copy

On the left is the line in which our fearless leaders would have you panic. On the right are the words of adults in the room handing out the facts. The left provides cover and a path to re-election. There is no path to light and no assurance of our leaders doing more than covering their own asses. Is it me? I am bewildered by the numbers of people who still believe the propaganda. Who’s drinking the cool-aid? Is it me? We have lost our standing in the world. We are a joke to threaten to defund the WHO and blame China. There is no comfort in reality TV. Is it me? We are fast approaching the time when we will have the opportunity to have a real leader.

“Have you stopped beating your wife?” Yes, or, no?  Somehow, the headline on the left is blaming me for the economy. You are the leaders, don’t blame me.

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