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Archive for May 24, 2020


“But take it from me, Georgia: cheating only hurts you in the long run. Yeah. When I was in school, I forged straight A’s on my biology report card instead of studying, and to this day, I still don’t know where my labia is.” — TREVOR NOAH

What makes you laugh these days? I smile but haven’t had a good laugh in quite some time. I laughed. You would have to know the context and the news in order to be in on this joke. Georgia made a graph of the corona virus cases diminishing in the Peach State over a period of the last few weeks. The idiots forgot and put the dates on the graph. The dates were out of order. No, not eating dates; it was the days of the month. If you are not following me, then you missed the joke. And, you also missed the fact that tomorrow never comes. It’s always today. … and labia would be plural. Did I mean horror, not humor?


What to do on a rainy day and with no where you can go? Hey? Have you considered all the gas and money? We’re spending no money at home. And we’re not driving, so, no gas consumption. It’s good, right? Colleen set up her loom. This one was a trade-out. She swapped looms with a woman. Neither (woman) liked theirs (loom, not husband, silly). It’s been a while (months). It just takes time to set up. It would help if we could find the manual. But… at last, product! It’s placemats. Colleen likes table linen. We have a lot of placemats. So, alas, gifts – it seems I never get to keep the gorgeous product around to show off her skills. Someone is gonna be a very pleased recipient.