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“But take it from me, Georgia: cheating only hurts you in the long run. Yeah. When I was in school, I forged straight A’s on my biology report card instead of studying, and to this day, I still don’t know where my labia is.” — TREVOR NOAH

What makes you laugh these days? I smile but haven’t had a good laugh in quite some time. I laughed. You would have to know the context and the news in order to be in on this joke. Georgia made a graph of the corona virus cases diminishing in the Peach State over a period of the last few weeks. The idiots forgot and put the dates on the graph. The dates were out of order. No, not eating dates; it was the days of the month. If you are not following me, then you missed the joke. And, you also missed the fact that tomorrow never comes. It’s always today. … and labia would be plural. Did I mean horror, not humor?

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