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Archive for May 30, 2020

This is not good

I had hoped my two a day posts would quietly stop. TMI. Alas, the news keeps coming. Our president runs his daily reality show. The day before he was shutting down Twitter. Now….?

The TV series on Grant just concluded. It was the Civil War. I didn’t fully realize how difficult reconstruction had been until looking at (the series) it again. The war never ended. Johnson succeeded Lincoln (REPUBLICAN), who was assassinated. Grant followed. Mistakes were made. The confederate flag flies on lawns in my neighborhood. There are those who never got over the war. They never accepted terms of defeat. We sang Dixie in elementary school. I thought it was a nice song. Little did I know, until I experienced racism personally. It’s not been often. I was in “charmed” territory. Painfully, I admit white supremacy is all around. Trump will be remembered for leading racism in America. Dark times are here. Reality TV, the path to re-election?

My little dumpling

Dumplings. My mother thought of this alternative. Smart lady. Biscuits. A lot of Chinese cooking adapted to what ingredients were available in the market. This is a neat trick. The biscuit will rise when steamed. Fill it. Done. And good! I don’t work with a recipe. Have I ever? You may imagine any filling. I have my own. Colleen loved them.