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Archive for May 31, 2020

Ho hum… cringe, lightly…tut tut

When did I get radicalized? Heretofore I was about the same as most Americans. I had a job – important, I thought. I went about medical care and left the politics to the career politicians who had (our??) welfare in mind. There were checks and balances to keep the branches of government and even political parties from doing outrageous things. I poll my Republican friends – there are a few, not too many. And I poll the family. Most of them work, which means they have jobs and families. Politics are in their rearview mirror. One unnamed defended her lack of interest, “Hey! We voted!” as though that act alone compensated for ignoring the events going on around us. It was not enough! And, at that point, I realized I/we were radicalized. I have lived with a liberal bent spouse (two) forever. Influenced (good or bad)? Am I the only one to see the forest for the trees? We do not know the future and how this will go. It will all blow over, right? Or, blow up? Don’t lose sleep. And, don’t be afraid. Ignore it, it will all be over soon…


It’s come to this. Living room.

liv·ing room

noun: a room in a house for general and informal everyday use.

“the apartment has a comfy living room with sofas, chairs, TV, and dining table”

Looms. Spinning wheels. Etc. The room has no room to turn around. We have a studio… for looms, and, it’s full. And, the bedroom? My bed has a loom. And, a cat. I guess we’re sleeping out tonight.