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Archive for June 2, 2020


Why now? In the midst of corona, we are having a race war. It is the very lack of presidential leadership that fans the flames of unrest. Reality TV. Re-election. Leaderless. Incompetent. All of this comes to mind.

“Vicious dogs and ominous weapons” – nice tweet. That’s the way to act like an adult in the room. Very Presidential indeed! Or, how about MAGA – he encouraged a crowd of supremacists to come to the White House to counter protest. MAGA did not show up. Are you getting any of this?

Cat a day

All I have around me are cats. So? You take their picture. Colleen has declined (to have her picture taken). I have lots – of pictures of the cats. Ha! Some are good. My problem? I have seven cats. Shhh… it’s two cats? Ray and Nutley? Or not.