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A lot of observations…. Cowardly, our peerless fearless leader. They turned off the lights at the White House (Sunday night); the President failed to address the nation, instead he Tweeted. He (fearless leader) encouraged (MAGA) counter-protests. NONE! The number of cities under siege increased (by a lot!!). Police crossed the line and marched with protesters. Tiananmen Square, 1989, the time the police did that, the government brought in tanks. You gonna do that Mr Pres? Or, Egypt, Arab Spring, 2010, the country fell and its leader was jailed. We know the origin was in Tunisia where a merchant immolated himself protesting his government. Blame it on Covid19?

You can run, but, you can’t hide. Crimes you committed have a way of coming ‘round to bite you in the ass. Barr and the SCOTUS can’t protect you. 125 cities had protests Sunday night. National Guard got called in 21 states. There are more of us than you. But who’s you? Follow the leader. Who’s leading?

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