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Comedy Tonight…nae, clueless

This president – small “p” – cannot walk into a crowd without an armed escort, teargas, and bullets. HE IS AFRAID OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Photo-op? You could have stood with the people? But, you couldn’t find anyone who voted for you. That is indeed SAD. FAKE NEWS once more.

I needed a title? … and then it came to me:

Lyrics, Comedy Tonight

Something familiar,
Something peculiar,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!… More

Rome (Washington DC) is burning. Solemn somber sad, say (speech) something to calm the rhetoric. No, instead march to a burned church, hold up a bible (he forgot to pray), and return with a heavily armed guard. I have to admit fearless leader did stick to script. The speech writers triumphed. He was told not to go off script. It worked. Heartless! No words of sympathy at the church. He held the bible triumphantly over his head like he’d just climbed a mountain. Pray? Nope! Empathy? Sympathy? No! Just walk back in a show of force. Protesters (American voters) were shot and gassed. He managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more. Exit, laughing. Comedy? Tragedy? …most excellently performed on national TV for all to see. Roundly criticized, it was fake news, except it really happened. You simply can’t make this shit up. There is no god or heart among his speechwriters or entourage. Otherwise someone would have told him to pray. Can you say “Clueless?”

Current events: Professor Umbridge, Harry Potter. “There will be order!!!” In context, she would be pretty clueless. She wasn’t a Deatheater either.


Typically, a portrait is vertically composed. With iPhone it’s mostly? Vertical too? Most folks are too lazy to turn their phone. With a camera, the photos (portraits) are mostly horizontal. Same, you can’t be bothered to turn the camera vertically. Enough! Vertical! Horizontal! I will admit I am mostly horizontal (camera). Lazy! Guilty.