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Three white guys in New Jersey

Look closely. Three white guys posing, one has his knee on the neck of another. trump sign in the background. This is hardly auspicious for the trump re-election campaign. Hate in America. Hardly the stuff to make me proud. It’s my country too. Counter protest against George Floyd? It’s your right. You are now the new poster children of white supremacy in America. Hurrah for you. I guess we know who trump loves and who loves him. We are better than this.

For the record: two of the three are fired now; one NJ corrections officer and a Fedex employee. Social media made you guys famous. You can’t hide in the shadows any longer – trump. …push down an old man in Buffalo, trump called him a terrorist. Not so fast, we have all seen that video. White terrorism in America is being exposed. These guys consider you fearless leader.


After my initial spate of baskets, no two have been alike. And the pattern I can create from color… it’s limited by the lack of color weaving cane. But pattern is precise and appealing. I’m much better with pattern than free form creation that drawing or painting requires. No one ever accused me of being subtle. Contrast, bold contrast, that appeals to me.