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B ass ackwards

Cheaters never prosper. Now you guys look like real assholes. Stupid!! You fire a guy and announce it nationally. But!!! You didn’t tell the guy he was fired. So, Berman didn’t slink off to lick his wounds. He outright defied his firing and will continue merrily onward investigating the very thing you fired him for. Convoluted? Nah! Stupid! I’ve been wondering what happened to Rudi? I guess someone is hot on the trail. Only a few more months of madness… At the end of the day cheating has a way of coming back to bite you on the ass. There are (FEWER) faithful supporters. …be afraid.


2007 07 0020 Dawn valley

I tried to shoot the puffins. … as in photograph them. I made three trips. The first two were duds. I never saw a puffin. The boat to the island could not land. I chummed both times. Up and down, up and down, went the boat. Up came whatever breakfast there was. On this particular trip I was tearing across Maine at around 3:30AM to get to the boat dock. Ok, maybe a bit later. Dawn! This turns out to be the picture of the day! No puffins! I told you, I chummed. Wanna see? No? Well, then this is the sum and substance of that trip. It might not look too swell, but the work I put in to get to this pic is what makes it even more special to me. It’s never so good as when you realize later that the best picture of the day was the first.