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all talk, NO SHOW. You are famous in your own mind. One million people applied for tickets. (one more lie you told) Less than 19 thousand showed up. One third of the venue was unfilled. The overflow venue was empty except for a few photographers. The fake media showed the empty blue colored seats. Blue!? Democrats silently mocking! Sinking ship? Time to jump? You rats? You can’t get elected when you are under water. Last one out, turn off the lights. … out with a whimper. …irrelevant.

I keep getting email from Susan Collins telling me she needs money for her desperate campaign to keep her seat. She’s pathetically begging. Perhaps you should follow her plea?


2191 30 Rollergirl

What can I say? Skate around the streets of Manhattan in practically no clothes. It might not stand out on the beach. But, really! Killer outfit!. I was stopped at the traffic light. My camera was on the seat. I lifted it and got off a single shot. Somehow, she sensed I was there. She rolled on past the van and took refuge in the doorway of the next apartment building. She looked warily at my car but my camera was already down on the seat once more. Spooky. Some weird guy shooting you while you exercise (in practically no clothes). How weird?