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Archive for June 29, 2020


I had to scramble for a post. It looks like I have posted erroneously publishing the same pics twice. My current project is editing images after the departure of our little grandchild. Don’t ask. I shot a lot (thousands) of images in two days. So far, I’m about 1/8 through editing. Corona weighs upon us all. I’m inserting a snapshot of the day with the hope that all of the family remains well.

The little one is among a crowded space of spinning wheels. For the record, this is the second time during corona that the house has been clean. Company comes, and, we all get vacuumed and straightened…

The last time…oops

It looks like I have already published this post a few days ago. We’ve been kind of distracted. I didn’t notice my error till now. Oh well, stuff happens.

The last time… we ate out, we had dinner guests, our house was clean. Well, now might be the time to look back. Ha ha! I compose posts long before published. I am trying to stick to the one/day rule Jules imposed. This is/was being written in early May. Poignant! Literally the day/same evening we ate our last meal out as DE closed all restaurants.

We only clean up when we invite dinner guests. This was the last clean up before Jen and Mike came for St Pat’s corned beef. And the very next day… no toilet paper to be had. It’s been a while. No, no, no, there’s a new normal. Little did I know. Our house will not be tidy again, for a long long time. It’s a good thing. I do so love my life and my wife. Eh? What did I say? … I can’t remember when I last saw TP on the shelves! …  and I love my wife.