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God has taken a long time to get someone publicly. Here’s the “I told you so moment” as it happened to someone of note. For the rest of the fools – you know who you are – it’s a lesson to be learned. …you fool with the facts, you get bitten in the ass. Cain was in Tulsa (at the botched trump rally) unmasked and not distanced in a “I dare you” show of aplomb. Gohmert walked the halls of Congress and the hearings with/without a mask not covering his face. Fool! One’s dead, the other infected. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff on one leg with the wind behind your back.

Who else will/would like to –  join them? Not us. We’ve had masks from the start. You?


Sometimes I unintentionally post something. What was I thinking? It’s trash. Replacement? Action shot – Elle in motion, well, just about. She was poised to leap. It’s not easy getting motion. One of the sisters – I cannot always tell who is who – posed at my current favorite spot. More cats, I’m cat proud. There’s always someone about to keep me entertained. The trick is to have a camera at hand. I have enough cameras to keep one near at hand wherever I am in the house. Lucky!

Deck time

They gather. They line up in the window. Time to go out. My cats love the deck. Sorry, they are not outdoor cats. No escape. Yup, it’s like a prison camp. Indoors. It’s too pitiful to speak of. If I let them out onto the deck, Colleen is overwhelmed with fear a cat might be eaten by a bear. Ok ok, she’s had that happen. Me? I’m fat, dumb and happy. You pick – two out of three. So, I take pity. I let them out. No one has tried a second story jump. And our front balcony has no stair access. Good for us all. I hate chasing down our escaped cats in the big outdoors.


Cat in front of a dresser. It’s a graphic photo. Interesting. Museum of Modern Art quality. For me it was striking. Elle was kind enough to pose for me. Sure. Right?! But I got this picture. No post process. Out of the box. I think it’s worthy. Some of the no talent stuff we have seen, I’m equal to their talent on some days. Bored? Did they… or was I? Obtuse? … you wanna copy?

Dearly beloved

OMG. I post way in advance – months. I just realized no HB – yet. Well, I just saved the marriage. Just. Barely. But Colleen will never know how close. Shhhh…

I’ve told this story before. We met in the 3rd grade. Yup, that would be many decades ago. But, we never connected again until recently. I regret the time that passed though we did have full lives, apart, that included kids and grandkids. One email, it was instant – crazy glue. Happy Birthday, my dearest wife. You will never know how close I came, to yet, one more faux pas. The operative word is “HAPPY.” A birthday is once a year. Happy is forever.

What’s in your grocery

Are there so few photo ops these days…” Am I food obsessed… do I live to eat? Fascinated? Curious? Nosey? It’s interesting. I don’t/wouldn’t carry my big old DSLR into a grocery. I am above using iPhone for my pics. Camera snob, that would be me. So, it’s a point and shoot. No so much a toy any longer, they are quite sophisticated and damn good. I always thought that big glass (lens) made for a better image. Nope. And so, I pull the camera from my pocket and surreptitiously shoot. I got the shot. Do/did you? No need to be too obvious.

Oh, a shout out to Barber stuffed raw chicken. It’s good. I don’t say that about frozen food. I don’t eat frozen. Why? Snob as much as anything. We have access to fresh. No frozen. Not pizza! Ever! Ha! We buy frozen cauliflower pizza all the time now. My point? You can’t find Barber for love of money since I got this one time shot.

It will be two months before this post is published. I’m wondering out loud how it all evolved. Will there be TP once more? Can I go to the grocery without trepidation and feeling like it’s threatening to my life? I predict not much will have changed. … and what the hell are all the TP manufacturers doing? Supply, demand, and profit? Gas was $1.71 yesterday (two months back).

– gas is now $2.23. Toilet paper came back. And, just now, yeast appeared on the shelves. The great Amazon could not deliver in all that four months.

Red Clover

I knew to look for the clover. I had seen them last year. This was the best I saw on this day (trip). I have the previous ones. Ok, so why take them again. Because. That’s all the reason I need. I take them because my camera needs the exercise. Who knows? Maybe they (the flowers) changed? I’m just sayin’, when you see a photo op, take it.


Do you feel any outrage? There’s too much cheating to possibly give everything it’s front page (HEADLINE) due: Record Daily Cases; Hot Spots; Follow the F’n MONEY; Denial; Federal Agents/Thugs. Where to start? It can only get better. Oh! It’s great right now? In which fantasy do you live? Not fantasy, reality?!

DENIAL: President Trump once claimed that “the worst days of the pandemic are behind us.” Now he acknowledges that it will “get worse before it gets better.” Call it – FLIP… FLOP!!

Is there anyone out there who’s paying attention to all of this? Did you see what I said yesterday about the money. Someone is making a ton $$$ out of the vaccine chase. “PROFITS off the ills of others.” decency? HA HA – all the way to the bank. No, this is too damn depressing for me to be outraged. “I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it any more!”

Fields of yellow

Back in May, we made an excursion to the nursery to fill my container garden. And the flowers were in bloom. It’s like a poor version of the California super-bloom. I love a bright sunny day with blue skies and scattered clouds. One could never tell from this view that the world was awry.


I just gotta say I’m not taking bullshit anymore. Unidentified federal agents in unmarked vehicles are causing riot and mayhem in Portland and soon in a city near you. The latest: 200 Federal officers will be sent to Chicago. That would amount to “piss in the ocean.” Chicago has 12 thousand police officers, more than enough and many more than 200 Federal agents who act as thugs because they cannot be identified for accountable for acts of violence. Nuts?! Now the right wing can site the aggressive acts of unidentified Federal agents firing teargas and beating citizens as proof that there is rioting in the streets. “Did you stop beating your wife?” Yes or no? I have to say that the numbers don’t add up. We are indeed fortunate that the democrats are not known for gun violence or there would be some dead Feds. Bully the people? They will cave? Last, I looked, it was America. I’m not so sure anymore. But we do, indeed, have the right to protest. … and to tell the truth.


I’ve been wondering how to post this story. Which image would illustrate? I have every cat multiple times nesting in this box. It came to our house and has stayed in the middle of everything out in the open and without any charm whatsoever. So, why? The cats all love it. I can’t bring myself to trash the silly box. It’s home. I can say they (cats) are not deprived. There are ample places to rest and lounge. My furniture and rugs have been scratching posts. Shudder, you don’t want to go there… Here’s Elle. She is the timidest of our cats. The others pick on her. There are frequent bouts of hissing – cat misunderstanding. Elle gets box time too. The others seem to respect the box as a neutral zone. Nonetheless with this background, Elle seemed to claim her spot rather emphatically on this occasion. If you are not laughing by now…

If you deny it, it must be True

Why would the president lie? Has he ever lied to us before? What did John Bolton say? He (Bolton) was in the room when trump asked Ukraine for an investigation into the Bidens. Nah! Never happened. trump said it was a “perfect call” and the Senate impeachment trial says that was so. We’re finally winding down this f’n fiasco. I have no doubt when you (dt) are a citizen again, there will be a number and an orange jumpsuit waiting for you. We never heard from Stormy or Karen and the hush monies. That didn’t go away and will follow you around long after you leave office. So?? You say you weren’t convicted while you were in office?? And the corona virus is still a hoax. You deny – and the virus goes away. Magical thinking from a demented cognitive (idiot) genius. Genius? Would that be lie or denial? Everyday another lie, each more demented than the last (lie).

Panic buying

I don’t want to call it hoarding. We ordinarily have bottled water on hand. It’s not for me. The cats throw up from the chlorine in tap water. And the coffee maker will sludge up from the minerals. So, we use distilled. Hey! It’s not me. I don’t drink coffee. TP? Why has everyone bought it up? The shelves are bare since lockdown began. We’re not out. We are flush. (Sorry.) I buy it anytime I see it. So far, we are a long way from resorting to Plan B. But, why? It’s all a fat hoax! And, I live in a Republican county. Did thy not believe in the “fearless leader,” and they bought anyway. It’s like they put their money on/where their…. I hope it’s over soon. I got no where to put all the extra TP we’ve been buying.

Drug money

Follow the money. We’re trying to figure out how much money from Pfizer went to the Trump orbit in contributions and PAC money. It was a LOT!! They can’t quite contribute directly. So, it goes into a PAC and then gets funneled into Trump’s coffers. And then, surprise!! The money comes out the other side in the form of favorable treatment by the Trump administration. Is $2 Billion enough? Want more? Cynical? Nah! What’s a billion dollars split among friends? Of, course the Corona virus is still a hoax? Or did you change your $$$ mind, mr pres? We gave someone else $1.6 Billion last week. Where’d that money go?

And, here’s why I don’t trust Trump. No one has a real vaccine yet. Multiple companies are working to get one. NO ONE! What if – WHAT IF – the effective vaccine is not from Pfizer? or from Noavax who just got $1.6 billion? We just blew a lot of billions on failed efforts. Where I’m from, a $billion dollars is $$$$ beaucoup bucks. Eh?!!


Nutley bangs on the bathroom cabinet door, bounces it open, and explores inside. It’s an interesting talent. I can hear him but don’t have a photo. Spice has decided to use the shower. She sat on the bench and stretched out. Yeah, go figure. Why? If I knew I would be happy to tell you. Meanwhile, we are constantly amused by the antics of our imaginative cats. Some things you just can’t make up.

Floral reprise

I plant in containers. It’s easier to get flower pictures. It’s steps onto the balcony which makes for an abundance of photo ops. They are hardly in the containers and I have some winners. If it stands out, I save it. Too many pictures, so little space.

Domestic terrorism/Dictatorship

Unmarked cars; masked gunman; no identification; suspension of 1st amendment rights; unlawful detainment: this would be a dictatorship. It’s happening in Portland, Oregon. There hasn’t been much coverage. Or, has there been? It continues. It appears we are helpless to stop the outrageous behavior of our own government. VOTE! We will have the right to cast a ballot in a few months. Let’s get the SOB out! No more justice/abuse while you hide behind a mask. It’s clear enough who’s behind the desecration of our 1st Amendment RIGHTS! – the White Supremacist in Chief. You may not like it, but, we have the same right to march in protest.

Instant garden

A painter’s pallet. In spite of corona, there are stores and nurseries open for business. The big box store – Home Depot and even mail order – the great Amazon fairy, they will all get plants to your doorstep. But it is the act of going and picking out your plants that makes the difference. I like to see the produce and feel it before I buy groceries. I was constrained – one nursery, one time only. So off to the nursery – Lakeside Garden & Nursery, Laurel, DE. Good price and great plants! I went nuts and we filled the car. At least it all fit in one trip. I’m set. Colleen doesn’t want to be out any more than needed. But, done. I’m set. The garden will carry on. We got flowers and we got vegetables. There will be something to admire as we sit out on the deck – a lot – this summer.

Chicken parm

I have been chasing this dish since I left Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The Filippos could cook it like no one else. Romano’s Macaroni Grill opened an outpost there shortly before I left. The chicken was thin breaded crisp and perfect accompanied by piping hot angel hair pasta covered with marinara. Ok, no big deal?! But I disagree; the dish in Jeddah was the best I ever had. I’ve since tried many attempts that fell woefully short. I have been to several Romano’s places in the US. Nope, their poor attempt was disappointing. I have mentioned this before. Lately I was in Touch of Italy. They are funny. Their signature dish features chicken as large as a large dinner plate. It’s American – too large to eat. I suppose that has an appeal but the chicken lacks tender moist taste. Oh well, I had given up. Then, I cooked up a batch during the Corona lockdown. It’s a work in progress. Good? Yes! Very! It just doesn’t look good. It’s not photo-worthy. Yet. However, I also learned on this occasion that hiding the dish under red sauce and lots of cheese will hide many cooking sins. And I know what to do to make the next try a winner. That’s progress!

Cats in my window…

… cats on my deck. I have two cats (sisters) who just like being out on the deck. There is Elle who is very tentative and mostly afraid. So, she is mostly in. The boys? Why is it always boys? (Colleen’s on the floor laughing – at me.) They are otherwise escape artists who lead us on a merry chase every time I take pity and let them out on the deck. Yes, they double as cows while munching on the greens. My solution? Harness or collar. One way or the other they are restrained. No one goes over the fence. I’m too tired of chasing them down. They could go if they want but then Colleen would never let me come home either.

The alternative is the window. The screen lets the noise and smells of outdoors in without the need for vigilance. Note: no cats were harmed in the making of this post.

… jump ahead – it’s July – looking back, and I must be (have been)  bored. It’s the third post about cat tricks in a short period. I’m in a rut. Alternatives?

Seeing into the past, now

Since I post about once a day but I have way too many more thoughts and pictures… I tend to get ahead in composing posts. I remain about two months ahead. It’s May and this will publish in July. Pictures? I cheat by posting multiples in my daily. Too many pictures, too many thoughts…

I wonder how things will have changed and when next I read this I will know my muddled thoughts on this day about two months ago. Yeah, it’s convoluted.

Last year I shot about 88 thousand images. To date I have about 8,800. We’re not having a banner year for subjects. I shoot empty grocery shelves, baskets, food, and of course the cats. There are icky shots. My cat Feather has allergies that persist from kitten age. I treat it. But it remains a constant problem. Food doesn’t look too appetizing next to a cat with allergies. It’s a fine juxtaposition on such a fine day.


The news dominates our thoughts and dictates our movement. And there’s plenty misleading in the headlines. For instance, the restaurant did not open in defiance of the shutdown order. It had just “opened” as in newly launched. It’s a whole ‘nother side to the pandemic and a testament to “bad (extremely) bad timing.

David once asked, when he was about 3 years old, “When is tomorrow?” Think about it, and, it’s always today…. It’s a simple abstract that stopped me in my tracks and I continue to laugh at how simply he befuddled me.



The passion has cooled. One never knows. No no, I still love my (present) wife! (I was once married to someone who was never wrong.) Here, this is the single (to date) Nantucket basket she (Colleen) has woven. I just examined it again. It’s pretty near to perfect. In fact, it is really perfect to my eye. She is a bit (quite) compulsive and follows direction. How? Perfectly! It’s in her nature to always strive harder and to more perfect.

The body of my work by now is far greater in volume. Quality took a back seat to efficiency. I was seeking to hone my skill. Mistakes? Ok, you don’t make an omelet without breaking….  Experiment? Style? Pattern? Color? Yes! It’s a collection where nothing has been the same from the last. That would make it art not production. Imperfect, not too bad, not ready for prime time, but still the body of work is impressive if I don’t point too closely. I see cherry blossoms and don’t seek to find a single perfect bloom.


Looking overall, I see Colleen’s single work in a different light today. It recalls a vascular surgeon named D.r Goetz whom imparted to a raw intern (me), “You can do an operation a hundred times and never know it. Or, you can do it once and it is yours. You choose.”


Unrelated to the fact that Nutley is stealing the bowl from under Willow’s nose, I have just accomplished a marathon backup. Thing can go missing so easily. My problem? Multiple backup drives all over the house. Sorry. They are in places which changed regularly as I moved around the past couple decades. Shifting sand. It’s always nice to do something you have not done. In this case I lost a folder of files, about a thousand images, from 2007, my Nikon D70. What’s a thousand in the scheme of nearly a million images. Not much. I have the OCD. And I don’t lose anything because I never throw anything away. Laugh. I’m not sure what to do. I began with the external hard drives within reach. There were nearly a dozen within ten feet. (slap forehead with hand for emphasis) Nope! I had made a redundant mistake across a dozen drives. That folder was missing in each and every. I have a database tracking my images. The missing folder was for real. Quit, give up, a lesser man with less OCD might. I made a trip to the basement fully expecting to paw through storage bins all day. Third bin, and I found a group of drives. About four tries later, the missing folder! See! OCD works! It’s a bad precedent. Any other missing folders? And how would I know? … I’m not losing any sleep. There comes a time when you have to stop worrying.


Nutley is a porker. He’s gained weight steadily since he came to live with us. He’s probably the heaviest now. And the other cats are all good natured. They allow Nutley to invade their bowls and defer to him. He’s not aggressive. He just noses in. His hearing is uncanny. I swear he can hear the others licking their bowl. Ha! This last pic is Ray. Twins. But I’m sure it’s Nutley who’s getting extra. Ha! It’s all unrelated. And one cannot effectively image the sweat on my brow to locate that missing folder. How’d I know anyway?

Bad day


The cats were wild last night. We heard a lot of chasing and hissing. Clearly a big brouhaha. This morning at the wet food feeding, Elle did not show. I feared the worst. She always comes for breakfast. Nope. She remained hidden – wherever. When she doesn’t’ want to be found, there’s no way. At last she was seen slinking cautiously across the dining room. She hid under the cover at the end of the bed. I fed her. I hope she will get back to feeling that everyone is not picking on her today. Yeah, yeah, I’ve had days like that myself. So on this one point, I have lots of empathy.