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Archive for July 6, 2020

Half staff

The flags are at half-staff. 2 million cases and 125 thousand deaths in the United States alone. Truth or lies? When does the president’s lies reach the bar of traitorous? For good god damned sake! This is hardly harmless in the face of the facts. Never have 100 thousand people died so fast from a viral disease. Hardly harmless! If he says it, they (YOU) believe him? Get a grip! This man is “selling you the Brooklyn Bridge” and asking you to jump from it. Oh! He will take your money first. Incredible! Incredulous! Do you “believers” really “buy” this shit?



We were out biking. Yes, it’s an activity you can do while in captivity. Corona. I passed this picture. There are advantages to riding with a camera around your neck. I had to stop. Other times I shoot on the fly. This time I actually stopped and turned around. Colleen rode onward. It was worth the stop.