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Confederate no longer

In most places defending the flag of an enemy makes you a traitor. The Civil War was FOUGHT against the confederates. Why do you losers get to fly your confederate flag after you lost the freakin’ war? All of you confederates lost the war. You lost. You are in the minority if you believe in the confederate flag. And, as that famous bumper sticker you love to display – America, Love it, OR Leave it. Go, there is no confederacy in America. It is high time to end the Civil War. The losers no longer get to write history while hiding among us. Come on out and show yourselves. Cowards? Until you are all out and counted, let us not rest. It’s our country, our United States, and decent American people want it back. If asshole wants to defend the confederate flag, he can leave too. Our fearless leader’s time is ending soon. He was never my leader. He remains a pathetic fat man. POS! You dodged impeachment, but not the vote.

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