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Archive for July 8, 2020

Cheat? – no, it’s not just infidelity

Dumbass (Trump) cheated the SAT sending in a surrogate to take his test. Of course!! He can’t read. It’s not a porn star so he can’t poke her. Yes, he cheats. All your worst fears come true. A nightmare! It’s laughable. You all bought the Emperor’s new clothes. Dumb as a stone, a fat bald man with an awful combover, you folks got a real winner into office. We know he cheated his way in; we’ve yet to find out the full details. Don’t you wish the book was about screwing a porn star? Maybe he will press the nuclear button on the way out. It would be fitting revenge.

Big wheel


My cats perch anywhere they please. We have enough clutter for them to snuggle in. Sometimes I get unexpected photo ops. In case you wondered my cats do not pose on demand, nor do they ever pose on request.  I get cuteness because my camera is sitting out and ready to fire whenever there is an opportunity.