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Archive for July 11, 2020

What are friends for…

Give up? Gave up? It would seem that asshole sees the writing. He’s gonna lose in November. Loot the place while you’re still there. I would suggest the silverware gets an inventory before and after he is kicked out of the White House. Justice is NOT blind. We see what you did. The reckoning looks to be spic. Loser! You pardoned your friend in front of us and no one of us noticed?! Fat chance, fat man. There are no two sides to this story. It’s about fairness. CHEATER!



Try to get a bumble bee in flight. Try? I’m generally unsuccessful. I can’t get the shot. Camera or photographer or both conspire to prevent me from capturing what I see. The limits of equipment keep the camera manufacturers happy. I buy another to see if it will perform better than the last. No! There are some things I shall keep trying. But another camera? I’d have to sneak that by the “Boss.” She may not know about cameras but she knows a new one when she sees it.