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Archive for July 21, 2020

Domestic terrorism/Dictatorship

Unmarked cars; masked gunman; no identification; suspension of 1st amendment rights; unlawful detainment: this would be a dictatorship. It’s happening in Portland, Oregon. There hasn’t been much coverage. Or, has there been? It continues. It appears we are helpless to stop the outrageous behavior of our own government. VOTE! We will have the right to cast a ballot in a few months. Let’s get the SOB out! No more justice/abuse while you hide behind a mask. It’s clear enough who’s behind the desecration of our 1st Amendment RIGHTS! – the White Supremacist in Chief. You may not like it, but, we have the same right to march in protest.

Instant garden

A painter’s pallet. In spite of corona, there are stores and nurseries open for business. The big box store – Home Depot and even mail order – the great Amazon fairy, they will all get plants to your doorstep. But it is the act of going and picking out your plants that makes the difference. I like to see the produce and feel it before I buy groceries. I was constrained – one nursery, one time only. So off to the nursery – Lakeside Garden & Nursery, Laurel, DE. Good price and great plants! I went nuts and we filled the car. At least it all fit in one trip. I’m set. Colleen doesn’t want to be out any more than needed. But, done. I’m set. The garden will carry on. We got flowers and we got vegetables. There will be something to admire as we sit out on the deck – a lot – this summer.