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Domestic terrorism/Dictatorship

Unmarked cars; masked gunman; no identification; suspension of 1st amendment rights; unlawful detainment: this would be a dictatorship. It’s happening in Portland, Oregon. There hasn’t been much coverage. Or, has there been? It continues. It appears we are helpless to stop the outrageous behavior of our own government. VOTE! We will have the right to cast a ballot in a few months. Let’s get the SOB out! No more justice/abuse while you hide behind a mask. It’s clear enough who’s behind the desecration of our 1st Amendment RIGHTS! – the White Supremacist in Chief. You may not like it, but, we have the same right to march in protest.

One response

  1. …..megalomania in high office–he’ll resort to social media guerrilla warfare if/when voted out. The one decrying ‘deep state’ will create a dark one of his own: a confederacy of the alt right, dystopian, conspiracy-adorned, an anarchy of Trumpian lies, given cred by the likes of Tucker, et al.

    July 21, 2020 at 12:27 pm

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