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Drug money

Follow the money. We’re trying to figure out how much money from Pfizer went to the Trump orbit in contributions and PAC money. It was a LOT!! They can’t quite contribute directly. So, it goes into a PAC and then gets funneled into Trump’s coffers. And then, surprise!! The money comes out the other side in the form of favorable treatment by the Trump administration. Is $2 Billion enough? Want more? Cynical? Nah! What’s a billion dollars split among friends? Of, course the Corona virus is still a hoax? Or did you change your $$$ mind, mr pres? We gave someone else $1.6 Billion last week. Where’d that money go?

And, here’s why I don’t trust Trump. No one has a real vaccine yet. Multiple companies are working to get one. NO ONE! What if – WHAT IF – the effective vaccine is not from Pfizer? or from Noavax who just got $1.6 billion? We just blew a lot of billions on failed efforts. Where I’m from, a $billion dollars is $$$$ beaucoup bucks. Eh?!!

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