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Archive for July 24, 2020

If you deny it, it must be True

Why would the president lie? Has he ever lied to us before? What did John Bolton say? He (Bolton) was in the room when trump asked Ukraine for an investigation into the Bidens. Nah! Never happened. trump said it was a “perfect call” and the Senate impeachment trial says that was so. We’re finally winding down this f’n fiasco. I have no doubt when you (dt) are a citizen again, there will be a number and an orange jumpsuit waiting for you. We never heard from Stormy or Karen and the hush monies. That didn’t go away and will follow you around long after you leave office. So?? You say you weren’t convicted while you were in office?? And the corona virus is still a hoax. You deny – and the virus goes away. Magical thinking from a demented cognitive (idiot) genius. Genius? Would that be lie or denial? Everyday another lie, each more demented than the last (lie).

Panic buying

I don’t want to call it hoarding. We ordinarily have bottled water on hand. It’s not for me. The cats throw up from the chlorine in tap water. And the coffee maker will sludge up from the minerals. So, we use distilled. Hey! It’s not me. I don’t drink coffee. TP? Why has everyone bought it up? The shelves are bare since lockdown began. We’re not out. We are flush. (Sorry.) I buy it anytime I see it. So far, we are a long way from resorting to Plan B. But, why? It’s all a fat hoax! And, I live in a Republican county. Did thy not believe in the “fearless leader,” and they bought anyway. It’s like they put their money on/where their…. I hope it’s over soon. I got no where to put all the extra TP we’ve been buying.