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Archive for July 25, 2020


I just gotta say I’m not taking bullshit anymore. Unidentified federal agents in unmarked vehicles are causing riot and mayhem in Portland and soon in a city near you. The latest: 200 Federal officers will be sent to Chicago. That would amount to “piss in the ocean.” Chicago has 12 thousand police officers, more than enough and many more than 200 Federal agents who act as thugs because they cannot be identified for accountable for acts of violence. Nuts?! Now the right wing can site the aggressive acts of unidentified Federal agents firing teargas and beating citizens as proof that there is rioting in the streets. “Did you stop beating your wife?” Yes or no? I have to say that the numbers don’t add up. We are indeed fortunate that the democrats are not known for gun violence or there would be some dead Feds. Bully the people? They will cave? Last, I looked, it was America. I’m not so sure anymore. But we do, indeed, have the right to protest. … and to tell the truth.


I’ve been wondering how to post this story. Which image would illustrate? I have every cat multiple times nesting in this box. It came to our house and has stayed in the middle of everything out in the open and without any charm whatsoever. So, why? The cats all love it. I can’t bring myself to trash the silly box. It’s home. I can say they (cats) are not deprived. There are ample places to rest and lounge. My furniture and rugs have been scratching posts. Shudder, you don’t want to go there… Here’s Elle. She is the timidest of our cats. The others pick on her. There are frequent bouts of hissing – cat misunderstanding. Elle gets box time too. The others seem to respect the box as a neutral zone. Nonetheless with this background, Elle seemed to claim her spot rather emphatically on this occasion. If you are not laughing by now…