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Archive for July 26, 2020


Do you feel any outrage? There’s too much cheating to possibly give everything it’s front page (HEADLINE) due: Record Daily Cases; Hot Spots; Follow the F’n MONEY; Denial; Federal Agents/Thugs. Where to start? It can only get better. Oh! It’s great right now? In which fantasy do you live? Not fantasy, reality?!

DENIAL: President Trump once claimed that “the worst days of the pandemic are behind us.” Now he acknowledges that it will “get worse before it gets better.” Call it – FLIP… FLOP!!

Is there anyone out there who’s paying attention to all of this? Did you see what I said yesterday about the money. Someone is making a ton $$$ out of the vaccine chase. “PROFITS off the ills of others.” decency? HA HA – all the way to the bank. No, this is too damn depressing for me to be outraged. “I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it any more!”

Fields of yellow

Back in May, we made an excursion to the nursery to fill my container garden. And the flowers were in bloom. It’s like a poor version of the California super-bloom. I love a bright sunny day with blue skies and scattered clouds. One could never tell from this view that the world was awry.