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Archive for July 28, 2020

Dearly beloved

OMG. I post way in advance – months. I just realized no HB – yet. Well, I just saved the marriage. Just. Barely. But Colleen will never know how close. Shhhh…

I’ve told this story before. We met in the 3rd grade. Yup, that would be many decades ago. But, we never connected again until recently. I regret the time that passed though we did have full lives, apart, that included kids and grandkids. One email, it was instant – crazy glue. Happy Birthday, my dearest wife. You will never know how close I came, to yet, one more faux pas. The operative word is “HAPPY.” A birthday is once a year. Happy is forever.

What’s in your grocery

Are there so few photo ops these days…” Am I food obsessed… do I live to eat? Fascinated? Curious? Nosey? It’s interesting. I don’t/wouldn’t carry my big old DSLR into a grocery. I am above using iPhone for my pics. Camera snob, that would be me. So, it’s a point and shoot. No so much a toy any longer, they are quite sophisticated and damn good. I always thought that big glass (lens) made for a better image. Nope. And so, I pull the camera from my pocket and surreptitiously shoot. I got the shot. Do/did you? No need to be too obvious.

Oh, a shout out to Barber stuffed raw chicken. It’s good. I don’t say that about frozen food. I don’t eat frozen. Why? Snob as much as anything. We have access to fresh. No frozen. Not pizza! Ever! Ha! We buy frozen cauliflower pizza all the time now. My point? You can’t find Barber for love of money since I got this one time shot.

It will be two months before this post is published. I’m wondering out loud how it all evolved. Will there be TP once more? Can I go to the grocery without trepidation and feeling like it’s threatening to my life? I predict not much will have changed. … and what the hell are all the TP manufacturers doing? Supply, demand, and profit? Gas was $1.71 yesterday (two months back).

– gas is now $2.23. Toilet paper came back. And, just now, yeast appeared on the shelves. The great Amazon could not deliver in all that four months.