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Archive for July 31, 2020


God has taken a long time to get someone publicly. Here’s the “I told you so moment” as it happened to someone of note. For the rest of the fools – you know who you are – it’s a lesson to be learned. …you fool with the facts, you get bitten in the ass. Cain was in Tulsa (at the botched trump rally) unmasked and not distanced in a “I dare you” show of aplomb. Gohmert walked the halls of Congress and the hearings with/without a mask not covering his face. Fool! One’s dead, the other infected. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff on one leg with the wind behind your back.

Who else will/would like to –  join them? Not us. We’ve had masks from the start. You?


Sometimes I unintentionally post something. What was I thinking? It’s trash. Replacement? Action shot – Elle in motion, well, just about. She was poised to leap. It’s not easy getting motion. One of the sisters – I cannot always tell who is who – posed at my current favorite spot. More cats, I’m cat proud. There’s always someone about to keep me entertained. The trick is to have a camera at hand. I have enough cameras to keep one near at hand wherever I am in the house. Lucky!