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Archive for August 6, 2020

Jingle bells

…. laughing all the way… Does the man have a following in Wisconsin? What fans? And they are all Democrats ’cause they like his music. Republican? I can see Elvis winning in Mississippi but Wisconsin? Cheaters never prosper… losers grasp at straws. …the Rusians are coming… the Russians are coming.

Instant garden

Here’s where the bang for your buck is worth it and lasts for a very long time, just not forever. I wish. It’s a trade. I have been container gardening for decades. It seems I have had a deck for a very long time. Living in a house now, I should be landscaping and planting in the yard. But containers give you a concentration of color without having to traipse all over and around the house. I/we went to the nursery and did a one (two) stop shop and brought home a palette of color. The garden will last about six months before fall takes them. It’s work. I will fully appreciate that effort on a summer day right about the time this post publishes.