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Archive for August 31, 2020

Do your job

89 tweets. How about if your read your daily brief? Do you have time for making things right? Can you with all your vast power heal this country? No! You just act like a spectator. We need a leader. It’s not you. Why aren’t you meeting and coming up with a plan? Instead, you incite and divide us more. Reality TV. For all we know you sent your minions to incite and create the violence. It would be your perfect excuse to send troops. So, you are setting us up again. That’s cheating. … and lying. You’re good at that. Eh?

Boothbay Harbor

This home was for sale. It sits in the harbor on a bridge/walk right in the middle of everything. It’s the proverbial goldfish bowl. What comes to mind is that I may never walk around in my underwear. Colleen fell in love with it and begged… I said no. Luckily, on this occasion, I got my way. It’s not often I win. Lately, though, I don’t walk around in my underwear any more. Darn!