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Archive for September 2, 2020

Mini strokes… no, yes?!?!

If the shoe fits… why deny it? Seriously?!! Denial before accusation? What are you hiding there, my dear fearful leader? And why can’t we see your tax returns? Hiding something else? Inexplicable. Preemptive denial? The boundary of your bizarre behavior has wandered into medical territory where someone [person(s)] questioned that you lost it and gave it a real medical diagnosis. More mystery, more lies, more confusion, more obfuscation. The hits keep coming. Yawn….


Bored. Yes, dammit! Bored! Remember, this post was composed two – three – months ago. Arghhhh! Yes, pirates say argh. I’m confined. I take pictures of baskets – that I made (Nantucket). I arrange artificial flowers. I take picture of flowers I planted. I cook. I take pictures of my cats. There! Colleen actually reads my blog faithfully. She’s not listed as a follower. Ha! She’s laughing out loud right about now. Call it support from home. If she doesn’t then who will? Arghhh!!!