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Archive for September 3, 2020

I dont really care, do u?

In the new book by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, she reveals Melania really doesn’t care about the children. Wearing the jacket with the logo was to attract media attention so media would follow her on her trip to the border. Needless to say the books, revelations, and publicity continue in this reality horror show. The tapes will follow. Let’s hope it ends soon. Believe what you will but vote to regain sanity and decorum. As long as shit like this continues we will have lost the credibility of the US in the world. Or, would that be – the empress has no clothes?

Nesting site

Three sides of my house each has a bird nest: barn swallows out front under the balcony eve, right side in the tree outside the living room window, and left side robin’s nest. They all have a lining at the lip of the nest. Soft? The barn swallows poop over the side and leave a mess in the garage door entrance. (You probably don’t want to know that.) The robins? Colleen saw a little one hopping around. Fell out of the nest? We don’t know and didn’t find out. But I got a good pic of the nest. It looks like it was just finished. You could smell fresh paint. And, that’s when I noticed the liner common to all three nests. Hmmmm. you learn something new each day. No nest to the back. Yet. Some bird has trashed my flower container looking for something to eat. Damn. I haven’t seen nor caught the guilty party. Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be any place inviting to make a nest.