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Archive for September 4, 2020

Confirmed by the liar in chief

The riddle goes: There are two Indian tribes – the truthful whitefoot and the lying blackfoot. You meet an Indian and he tells you he is a truthful whitefoot…. Yeah, another shot in the middle of Fifth Avenue. Yes, yes, play follow the leader. …no order is valid if it is illegal…. You just can’t make this shit up. Is anyone listening? Enough?

Long term rental

The barn swallows have returned for the third year. I guess they will be back. Last year they made eight little swallows in two batches. I guess you would call it successful. There are lots of swallows buzzing around but no other nests in proximity. They are fastidious. They poop over the side of the nest onto my garage sill. It makes sense. I would keep my place clean if I were coming back. Again and again. Come to think of it, I posted this mother’s pic two days in a row.