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Archive for September 5, 2020

Isn’t it rich?

Illegal use of campaign funds for legal fund? Indeed, you are so powerful you can do as you please. You are above the law. At some point you will have to pay back. Pay back’s a bitch. Loser, sucker, who’s the bitch now? You have made illegal use of donations for your legal defense. It’s all so twisted!!

I hesitate to post so much political opinion. But this (in military parlance) is a target rich environment! Sucker! Loser! Lies and insults straddle your rallies.


I knew this pic was special. The drops of water were perfect and ethereal. I had just watered the plants. I did not place the individual drops to enhance the image. OCD, I’m not. But I did return and take this flower four more times. I wanted a keeper. And it took four tries. There were a lot of duds. Persistence! I’m generally lazy. If it’s good, great. If not, oh well, tomorrow’s another day. I realize that I could be so much better. But, I will be back tomorrow. I work on the theory that even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes. In brain surgery it was casual until you got down to the real deal. Then, you were serious! Up until that point we sang and told stories. I bet you didn’t want to know that. And then you’re gonna wanna know what kind of flower. … as I said, casual. Who knows?