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Archive for September 14, 2020


Follow the money. I consider it a “rag,” but Colleen reads all sorts of shit. She read this op-ed in the NY Post railing against Biden and Delaware. Hmmm, Delaware? Oh!! I get it. This New York tabloid is owned by Fox news Rupert Murdoch. I get it. It must be election time?! The National Enquirer has lost cache. So, it’s on to the slanted fake news of the Fox people. Remember, your great Republican leader once said, “You can fool some of the people….” (Lincoln, A) I shall be grateful to have questioned the origin and authority of the NY Post in it’s op-ed. Follow the money.


My wife (in this case “ex”) influenced me in subtle ways. I thought I was free and independent. No. She said I took too many pictures. I took the same thing over and over. She never liked how she looked in pictures. She was too fat or too…  And, in looking retrospectively, she was right. She inhibited me in ways too subtle to realize until now. I get encouragement or, at worst, amusement from my current wife. She’s a positive influence in a way I never realized till I started looking back through the archive of my slides. Night and day? Nothing so drastic. It was much more insidious.  Bitter? No. Sorry (I was so clueless). Today, she/we do things I would have never done before. Progress! – true love…