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Archive for September 28, 2020

Who makes this shit up???!!!!

Personally, the brain eating amoeba caught my eye for obvious reasons. Then, of course, his campaign chairman (another one!!) is found to be (literally) nuts. Or, how would another lie sound? Nah, it’s reality. Liar liar pants on fire…. Yeah, you been audited. Now, what? You have bankrupted America in so many ways with your lies and deceit I can’t count the number. The icing on the cake? This won’t change the meter. The Russians, the Russians. Gleeful? No, I’m ashamed today. So many people – not me – trust(ed) you, or, made a Faustian bargain with the devil. LIAR! What a headline to wake up to a new day. You can lie to the people some of the time…. and they will believe you…. I see the light of a new day coming.


My gardening goes back through my mother who used to plant salvia and allysum to make a stunning bed in West Virginia. She would laugh because her flower bed was always more attractive than our neighbor’s, who was a florist. In my decades of gardening I have had luck with allysum. Salvia were temperamental.  Lately allysum have been finicky. So I have largely abandoned them. They fade in hot weather. No luck for me. This year’s container garden had both salvia and allysum again. They were not the stars but for a brief time they provided pleasing color. My mother called them scarlet sash. It’s an incorrect naming. That’s what makes this a special memory for me.