Word and Image

Shaken not stirred

Afterward, I took immediate comfort in hugging my cat. It was that bad. I could not verbalize what I had just watched. I couldn’t’ speak/tell Colleen – who did not watch. It was like watching a train wreck. Takeaway – an autocratic bully unfit to be president – a loser who demonstrated more than ever how unfit he is – what kind of shit was that? I am not proud to have seen the “Office of the Presidency” treated with so little respect. But, then again, we knew – know – even he knows – he was always a PRETENDER! They gave the “RUMP” the wrong mood altering drug. With each new lie, revelation, and stupid act, I take comfort that this clown is nearly done. Clown? No, orange buffoon! He would give a clown a bad name. Say it like it is: This emperor has no clothes.

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