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Covid brain

My OR nurse uses the term “covid brain.” The virus affects taste, strength and stamina, and mental ability. We can’t and don’t know. But actions speak loudly. He went on a joy ride from the hospital. Then, he abruptly cancelled Congressional aid to millions of people in dire need. You might call this petulance. He’s losing and “taking” his marbles home. Or, it’s mental derangement from covid or drugs. Or, he’s just a plain mean SOB. He walked back into the house without a mask. Gee, I feel for all those workers whose boss is infected and won’t wear a mask. It’s come down to “your mask or your life.” It’s time to consider taking the keys to the car from grandpa. Consider, another has empathy and is trying to help a nation heal.


Sophomoric humor is that which is juvenile and puerile. It is a type of comedy that often includes toilet humor and gags that are based on and appeal to a silly sense of immaturity. – Wikipedia

Right! My bad. The sequence and juxtaposition are pretty perfect. We’ve all been there. Her Uncle Dave (toddler) would pick his nose and eat “it” till kindergarten. I held my admonitions. My reasoning? His peers would end the habit and I would never be involved in scarring his psyche. It worked!