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Archive for October 10, 2020

No taxes, sucka

How’d you do it? $21 million dollars income and you paid no taxes? Obscene! Unbelievable! You give rich people a bad name! Meanwhile, a lot of folks are suffering the pandemic – economic woe as well as death and illness. Because of your erratic reality show behavior millions don’t have food, shelter, and soon, health care. Nice going, emperor.

Now and then

As time goes by… Mom and daughter at about the same age. How’s that!? And I found the picture I had in mind in about ten minutes. It would seem a herculean task. I must be organized better than I give myself credit. I did it by remembering the place. Then I searched the database for the month and year. … then on to the Lightroom catalog. Voila!! Darn! I’m proud of myself, I am! We’ve been trying to decide who looks like who. Everyone’s got an opinion. Me? I’m glad I got the pictures of now and then. Wistfully, I’m old enough now to appreciate history. Once more, mother and daughter at about sixteen months old.