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Words! Words! I’m so sick of words! – Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady

And yes, we are about to show you. Record money has flowed into the Democrats. Record voting is occurring this very moment. Cheat, lie, steal, all of your evil deeds will not stop “good” in the world. Your very bad deeds affirm that you are a losing minority soon to be swept away.

Damn! It feels good to vote! We drove 50 miles to officially drop off our ballots. A lot of people have our same passion. You will not fool anyone this time around.


My daughter was a toddler who loved to knock over any construction I built, hence, the name “Destructo.” She was single-mindedly focused on destroying anything I would build with blocks. My granddaughter had to be introduced to the concept. She’s not naturally destructive. Oh my! But once you laugh, she’s a natural ham and loves to perform. So we delighted. And, forever after, anything built will soon tumble. How could I not pass along a legacy of mischief? Action shot: low light, slow shutter, it’s a challenge. I’d like a do-over. No such luck.