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Archive for October 14, 2020

In print

There was a time when – if you see it in print, it must be true. No longer. Advertising entices but is often misleading. We have instinctively known this for a long time. No longer. I question information from the CDC. It is a bedrock institution that would never lie until Trump made them lie to the US public and the world. Heresy! Facebook is noise. You filter noise; you filter the facts; you check and recheck the facts. You check sources before you believe anything. And above all you do not suspend common sense. It was chicken little who said, “The sky was falling.” Fool me once more, shame on me.


No, not the genetic debate. (Shhh… there really isn’t any debate.) …It’s the change occurring in my photography as a result of change in my cameras. It has caused my technique to evolve. Evolution is slow and the change that results is subtle until it isn’t. I found the DSLR viewfinder of my Nikon D610 to be restricting. I got (am now) used to a movable LCD screen that allowed me to get down to eye level with my cats. This translated to: getting down to eye level with the flowers in my garden. There are a lot of moving variables to consider: shutter, composition, focus…. I get it that iPhone users just want to click and forget. All around me, family has little or no interest and they are quite content to have iPhone as their primary camera. That little tiny lens… Yes, a screw driver is a hammer in a pinch. But, the converse is untrue.