Word and Image


Nut. That would be me. Extreme? Yup! There’s not much that I do that I don’t do in exuberant excess. … until I don’t – any longer. We visited. I shot 2600+ images. A photo shoot, an event, akin to a wedding or other ceremony. Nuts! One good shot, it would be more than sufficient. No one will look at more than a few. Eyes roll. Heads nod as sleep begins to overtake. Yes! I’m quite nuts. Edit the number down to a select few? Ha ha. All I can say is, that it’s nice to have choices from which to pick. There are many who disagree. I am among a distinct few who would do this. Spend time. Make it meaningful and personal. Did I? Or will she remember me as – “Click man?” My daughter already points out that actual events, pictures, and video diffuse her into confusion over whether she has true memories of some occasions. Valid though convoluted, it is my legacy compensating for a childhood in which there were few photos.

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