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Archive for October 17, 2020

Village idiot

It ain’t Biden. He gets it!!

FACT? – FALSE!!!! True – You (trump) are an unbelievable dumb ass! They could tell you (trump) in plain English. Perhaps, you (trump) don’t understand English? Maybe you forgot – English.

“Most people wearing masks caught the covid virus” is not the same as “wearing a mask is effective as a preventative.”

CDC had it right and you (trump) don’t get it. The concept of stupidity is in every word you utter. Worse, people are dying because of your ineptitude. My staunch republican friend continues to support you. She had covid and doesn’t yet understand her brain was fried too. Truly, you are a menace to public safety and should be silenced and kicked to the curb. You are the village idiot. You are using a radiologist as your expert – an “expert in everything.” That amounts to medical malpractice clear and simple. Practicing outside your specialty is criminal, both for you (trump) and your radiologist.


Every day you take the same photos. Once in a while you take something different. It might be a long time between. It’s worth it. Patience! It’s something I lack. Don’t laugh. If you don’t wander the garden because the same flowers are there same as yesterday…