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Archive for October 18, 2020

The look

There’s a look. You know. Trumpers, the synonymous term trailer trash comes to mind. I know it’s judgmental. But you gotta agree, there’s this look. Tasteless. Someone from the community board came to tell them that political banners or political flags were not permitted. The reaction – fuck you. Fortunately, the women prevailed to avoid confrontation. The banner hung in the garage. I cringe because I see the flag and think of white supremacists first nowadays. I didn’t used to give a shit. Live and let live… no longer! I want my country back.


I’m still trying to catch a bee in flight. Someday… Meanwhile, I get my share of bees. Pollen collects on their legs. It’s fun to get a detailed shot. I have lots of good shots. Some stand out a bit more. I’m happy to share.