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Archive for October 20, 2020

Denier in chief

I gotta give you credit for shooting yourself. Self-inflicted wound. You got a medical degree like you got your business degree. Science fiction!! You can’t read. Otherwise you are very good at making up shit. Covid got you by the balls? Here’s a fact: 8 million with Covid and 220,00 dead. That would be dead Americans. Deny that.


The word “painterly” comes to mind. Of course, it’s not a painting. “Still life, with cat.” Perhaps. Whatever. It evokes a powerful emotion deep within akin to Proust’s La Madeleine. Every day I capture good images of my cats. Technically passable and fun, the images are too many to ever hope to post. And they are my cats. Cat proud? Sure. And, then along comes a shot that evokes some universal connection.