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Archive for October 21, 2020

Seriously!?@ Really?@!@$%*

So, you are accused of rape and assault that occurred in the 1990’s and are defended by the US Justice Department now. It was an official act. Yes, rape and assault are legal for the president in an argument on technicality. Really!? Can you say criminal? Bill Cosby shoulda run for president. You know the president is not immune from criminal assault. Most other politicians would already have resigned in disgrace. Not this one. Double down. The last time he grabbed pussy he was elected president. Go figure. Tell me you are proud of this asshole.


Subtle details are often revealed when I take the time to look closely. That’s when you need that “critical focus.” It also helps to have multiple shots. There’s always a blurred image – (as with any group picture, there’s always someone with their eyes closed). Fine hairs? See the hibiscus. I credit a darn good lens. And water is always tricky. Close-ups don’t give you a lot of depth of field. Sometimes nature conspires. The steady rain wilted my newly bloomed lily. I got some nice water. Colleen says my eye sight is failing. At least the camera lens compensates for other shortcomings.