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Archive for October 22, 2020

Pee pee

Ah shucks! I thought they peed on him – asshole. It seems they just peed on the bed Obama slept in. Not terribly sexciting as it turns out. He grabs pussy and gets peed on. That would have been a whole lot more wholesome. Meanwhile, where’s the tape? With all the lies, I have no doubt someone got peed upon?!


We made a no bake cheesecake from a box. Don’t! Ever!! It was artificial and light as whipped cream. The chemicals were good if you like fake stuff. I looked up a New York cheesecake recipe. I used an almond crust. The recipe used cream cheese – a ton! That darned cake weighed 10 pounds. A water bath??? It keeps the cake from cracking. I guess that’s an issue for purists. The second recipe came from “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the food channel. It’s no mystery and it’s well documented on the internet. Darn! (I’d use a stronger expletive!) The result was good. It made me giggle. Not laugh, giggle! Deep fried black eyed peas. It calls for chopped onion to be cooked with the beans before frying. Keep the onion. They crisp up and are delicious in their own right. It’s bad for you. The rule: anything that tastes that good is – bad for you!!